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We invite you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions set out by our Company US Travel Visa. Here you are going to find the terms and conditions of service that shape the basis of the agreement between the client and this website.

The following terms and conditions set the rules for the users to utilize this Website and the services available in it.


This Terms of Use are for your convenience elaborated from US Travel Visa and are setting the basis for the use, operating, law, and accountability that apply to extensive information supplied to you by this website.

Agreement on the Terms

By entering the Web site and/or by using one of the available products, the client accepts these Terms and Conditions without any modification. In the eventuality the surfer do not agree on these Terms and Conditions then we invite you to leave now the navigation of this website and do not use any of the offered services or products.


The Website imply the information, design, images, layout and coding of the section available at this website URL US Travel Visa and includes the recorded domain name of US Travel Visa (“the Website”).

We assign our self the right to add and/or to modify in whole or in part (without liability to the client), the content of this website without bearing any obligation to communicate with or consult the client.

Client keeping surfing this Website taking advantages of the products and information here offered, will assume full and unreserved acceptance of any such change, inclusion or removal.

Illicit and/or erroneous Use

By entering the website clients acknowledge:

  • To not jeopardize the security of the Website or try to obtain access to secured areas or sensitive information, and
  • To not use the Website in a way that reduce the functionality, corrupt the content or diminish in any other way the overall performances of the Website.
  • To not use the Website for not legal reason and to adhere to all relevant applicable laws and rules;

Users must not use the Website to replicate, save, host, distribute or publish its content. Nor must help with such replication, save, host, distribute or publish or distribution of malicious computer software such as viruses or malwares. Nor the user can use this website for unsolicited commercial advertisement and/or communication.

If the user use the Website illegally, inappropriately or for commercial gain without the Company’s previous written approval, Users will be liable for any expense, claim, loss, liability, and costs including (but not limited to) legal fees sustained directly and indirectly by the Company and due to any user’s breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Services and Products

This website offers services and products such as information consultation, results and summarizing reports and documents.

Users are asked to adhere with the general and technical directions stated on the Website to utilize the services offered in the best way possible.

The user agrees that it is his solely responsibility for the installation, monitor and maintenance of the technical configuration necessary to connect and use of the offered services on the Site.

Consent to the Terms

Each and any of the products here available have their cost well shown on the Site. Based on the product and the method of payment, these prices may vary. We put in place all our efforts to clearly state each price before the user proceeds with the purchase.

User is responsible for all costs of connection and exchange of data with server’s Site and is responsible also for any other support that can be necessary by access providers of internet service.

These Terms and Conditions rule and govern the contract between the user and the Company, contract generated when the user make any payment to the company for any if the services and product available on this website.


This website contents, design, images etc. are considered Company intellectual property. By this we mean trademarks, trade names, copyright, patents, registered designs and any coding intellectual property rights derived from the design and/or functionality of the Website. We consider the above Company property.

User agrees that in using the Website and accessing the available products, he is going to recognize and not to breach the intellectual property rights of the Company. User agrees not to download, copy, transmit, imitate, print or otherwise exploit any source available in the website for profit-making purposes and or earning.

International and United States copyright laws protect this website. Under no circumstances any individual or company can use the sources here or on any of our websites available unless written consent is prior obtained obtains from the Company.

Please refer to FBI warning about web copyright infringement.



We are a private company and not a law firm. We are not associated with any government agency. Contents and information available in this website are for general information on issues frequently encountered when handling immigration matters. This web site is not a substitute for a law firm or an attorney. The Company and this website do not offer any legal advice or opinions to its customers.

The information available in the Website and/or the offered product and services are offered without implied or express accuracy assurance, compatibility, and fitness to purpose of any components of the Website and or the Offered Service.

We do not guarantee continual availability of the Website and its Service and products. Nor that any illustration or description on the Website is error free.

Breaches of Terms and Conditions

If user breaches the Terms and Conditions Without prejudice to other rights and remedies, the Company can take several appropriate considered actions, including suspending the user access to the Website and/or the available products, remove to your IP address the right to enter the site.


If any provision or provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this Agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including, but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected.

Refund Policy

Our Website process the services or product right after the notification of payment has been received. By doing so, we have a NO REFUND policy. We offer full refund ONLY where is specifically expressed that we will get your visa money back guarantee and we fail in doing so.


In no event shall the Company or any of its agents, employees or sub-contractors be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss or damage including, without limitation, any: loss of opportunity; loss of use of money or otherwise; The maximum liability for any circumstance will not exceed the purchase price.

  1. No responsibility - Visiting this site, you agree that (the user) cannot hold US Travel Visa responsible for any direct or indirect damage subsequent to the use of the information. Furthermore, US Travel Visa is not liable for services offered by third parties via this site.
  2. Links - This site may include links or references to third party sites over which US Travel Visa will neither have authority nor control. US Travel Visa will not be liable for the contents of these sites or the links proposed.
  3. In the evidence of litigation

If litigation should arise with US Travel Visa and another private individual or an entity, the competent district court become the one in the area where our headquarter is located.


Our goal is to treat all our users and clients with the greatest of appreciation and respect. If a member of our team has not treated respectfully or you have any issue with our behavior, we kindly ask you to write us by email at info@ustravelvisa.net. .Please explain the reason of your complain and we assure you we will take your communication with the duly attention. We aim to deal with all disputes honestly and fairly.


This Terms of Use is effective from September, 10, 2012.